UI UX training in Raipur

Data Council is one such institute that offers a short-term UI UX Training in Raipur – They have experienced faculty and the training is completely practical with real-life examples and at the end of the training a project is also done. Placement assistance is also provided by the institute.

ui ux training in pune

Since we have got an overview of what UI UX Design is, let us talk about basic UI UX Training and where you can enroll in it. If you are interested in Design & want to pursue a career in Design then, there are many colleges that offer a full-time degree program in Design, but if you are someone who wants to get a job immediately, then there are some short term courses that offer placements on completion of the course. So, ultimately, the choice is yours.

Now let us understand in short who a UI UX Designer is? UI – User Interface Designer deals with the interface of the application from deciding the color, typography, buttons, layout, etc. On the contrary, UX – User Experience Designer deals with the user’s experience of the application i.e. they basically focus on enhancing customer satisfaction by improving ease of usability in the application.

Also if you look at it from a career perspective, then also it is of great advantage as we have talked above that almost all business has a digital presence which means a requirement of hiring a UI UX Designer arises for their business. From the salary point of view, if you are a fresher, your salary will be anywhere between 15k to 25k in India, with experience your salary will increase. Also, in western countries, your salary will be around 5lpa.

Here we will be talking about one such short-term course – UI UX Training in Raipur. Before knowing what UI UX Design is, let us understand why UI UX Training is the best? – UI UX Design is gathering a lot of interests with respect to the ever-changing world. With time, the number of internet users increased, and everyone today is trying to make their digital presence felt may it be through Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, etc. UI UX Design is also nothing different – in short, it is working on this digital product or services.